2020 Sanofi Canada Healthcare Survey Highlights

Sanofi Canada’s 2020 healthcare survey regarding health benefit plans has been completed. Sanofi Canada surveys both plan members and plan sponsors. The survey took place in January/ February of 2020 and while it was conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, many highlights remain relevant.


Wellness ranked high as an important factor when deciding on a job offer or remaining at an organization. 75% of plan sponsors planned to invest in health and wellness areas outside of the benefit plan in the next 3 years. This included mental health, prevention of illness/ management of chronic health conditions, physical fitness, social and financial well-being.

Pre-pandemic, mental health was an important focus for plan sponsors and this will be even more so now, as stress associated with the COVID-19 pandemic affects employees. The survey found that younger employees reported higher levels of stress and they are more likely to require time off from work as a result.

Adding Flexibility to Health Plans

82% of plan members would like to have a health spending account as part of their health benefit plan. Both plan members and plan sponsors are interested in greater flexibility from their health plans.

Focussing on Non-adherence to Prescribed Medicine

If employees are not taking their prescribed medication or not taking it correctly, it can have significant health consequences. Many plan members would prefer to use virtual care to renew prescriptions. It is easy to see how even more people would prefer to renew prescriptions virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many insurance providers also have initiatives that support adherence that members and plan sponsors can take advantage of.

Virtual Health Care

When the survey was taken 71% of plan members were interested in using virtual care technology to receive healthcare services. It is easy to imagine that this number would increase with the current COVID-19 pandemic situation.

The 2020 Sanofi Canada healthcare survey offers interesting insight into what both plan members and plan sponsors are looking for from their group benefit plans. You can read the detailed report at Sanofi Canada

Source: Sanofi Canada