Our clients say it all



“Your firm has spectacular service” Paul Feick, CMO and Managing Partner, Elmira Pet Products
“I know it sounds a little mushy but good service is hard to come by these days. I am blown away by the amazing assistance I constantly receive from all of you (at McEdwards and Whitwell)”Tammy Ross, Payroll and Health & Safety Supervisor, MacEwen Agricentre Inc.
The process of establishing our new health and dental benefits program with Manulife Financial through Russ McEdwards, Daemond Hosker and their team at McEdwards & Whitwell Financial was seamless from start to finish.

Russ and Daemond developed cost-effective solutions to our existing benefits program that resulted in both reduced premium costs and increased levels of coverage. The personal service they provided to OABA in transitioning our health and dental benefits program to Manulife Financial was definitely “hands-on” and exceeded our expectations.

What we appreciated most about working with Russ and his team was their ability to respond to our questions with clear and concise answers in a very timely fashionDave Buttenham, CEO, Ontario Agri Business Association

As the person charged with responsibility for our company’s Group Benefit Program administration, I have never looked forward to conducting regular reviews of our current plan against other options in the marketplace. With the number of employees involved it is always a great deal of work to obtain an apples to apples comparison and, for this reason alone, I had not done a thorough review in several years.

When the RMA announced that it was going to begin offering this coverage as part of its insurance package, I was immediately interested. I knew that if the RMA could do for group benefits what it was able to do for our property and CGL programs that it would likely be worth my time. I was not disappointed.

Although the effort involved was consistent with what I thought it would be, and the implementation was not without a few bumps, the outcome has been excellent. We have been able to provide our employees with better coverage, more options, and improved service levels for less cost than we were paying for our previous plan. The conversion has been a win-win for the company and all of our employees.

An added bonus for us has been the opportunity to work with a broker instead of dealing directly with the insurance provider. Russ and Daemond at McEdwards and Whitwell have been nothing short of outstanding in their dealings with us. They provide an experienced and professional layer of service and expertise between us and the insurance company that has been welcomed here. It is comforting to us to know that we have them to rely on for advice and expertise. They are a significant contributor to the value of the RMA program.

If you have not reviewed your benefit coverage in a while my advice to you based on my experience is that the RMA plan would be worth your time to investigate.Larry Murphy, Treasurer, Armstrong Milling

I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Mr. Russ McEdwards & Mr. Daemond Hosker. Mr. McEdwards and Mr. Hosker helped our company successfully transition from multiple benefit carriers to one centralized carrier and are both my main point of contact for dealing with the company’s current benefit carrier. I am in constant contact with them on an almost weekly basis. They have proven to be very successful with getting my questions answered and addressing any other concerns I have had throughout the transaction period.

In the last few months of dealing with them, I have found them both to be honest, reliable, and very professional. It is obvious to see customer service is their number one priority through their ongoing commitment to ensuring all questions and concerns are addressed accurately and in a timely manner.Kendra Holden, Human Resources Generalist, Future Transfer Co. Inc.

Our company, Atlantic Poultry Incorporated, switched our Group Benefits’ provider to RBC in October of 2016. We did this on the advice of McEdwards & Whitwell under the guidance of Russ McEdwards and Daemond Hosker.

Transitioning a group benefits plan is always a daunting task and with close to 200 employees, takes considerable time and effort. Myself and our HR Administrator cannot say enough about the superior service we received from McEdwards & Whitwell.
The transition was very well planned, paperwork was completed well in advance and questions and concerns were dealt with promptly, often the same day. We had several meetings and communications to discuss time lines and issues and everyone involved was kept up to date on the progress.

The implementation was virtually seamless. There were a few instances during the implementation, as you would expect, but they were resolved within 24 hours with no lingering issues. The online portal is easy to navigate and the RBC team gives great support and provided a very informative webinar prior to implementation. The customer service and attention provided to us before, after and during the changeover has been exceptional from both McEdwards & Whitwell and RBC. There is a real commitment to making sure you and your employees are satisfied with the product provided and that there is no interruption in service.

It has been an added bonus to deal with a broker instead of directly with the Insurance provider. It is a comfort to know that we have professional expertise at our disposal to provide the advice and direction we need to make decisions about our plan or to provide assistance for the unusual events that sometimes do occur. Further to this the cost savings was significant to our company while maintaining and improving our overall group benefit package.

Atlantic Poultry would not hesitate recommending McEdwards & Whitwell for a successful transition to a new benefits provider and for continuing superior client services.
Krysta Hatt, CPA, CGA , VP Finance & Administration and Sheryal Benjamin, HR Administrator, Atlantic Poultry Incorporated