Update to Trillium Drug Program Changes

In an earlier post, we had let you know that changes to Ontario’s Trillium drug program were planned for fall 2017. The Trillium Drug Program (TDP) is a provincial government program for residents of Ontario that have high drug costs in relation to their household income.

These changes were to enhance the Health Network System (HNS) and supporting systems to allow for co-ordination of benefits (COB) between private insurance plan(s) and the Trillium Drug Program at the pharmacy once the initial claim has been adjudicated by the private plan(s).

It has now been reported by Benefits Canada that the Ontario Ministry of Long-Term Care has indicate that these changes will not be happening by September as previously believed.

While the automatic coordination of benefits between Trillium and private insurance providers is still planned, no indication of timing was given. It was noted that Ontario’s new pharmacare program for youth and children could be a source of “further learning” about the co-ordination of benefits. The pharmacare program for youth and children will be in place January 2018.

Source: Benefits Canada “Trillium changes pushed back as Ontario seeks “further learning” about co-ordination”